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Mid-Woofers with KEVLAR cones and phase plug for extremely low distortions
Tweeter with special metal alloy dome and extended high-frequency response for excellent clarity and life-like reproduction of high resolution material (SACD, DVD-A).
Rigid MDF cabinets with curved sides, 32 mm-thick sandwich baflle and multiple internal braces for the minimization of resonances and internal standing waves.  
irst-order crossovers with top grade components (air-cored coils, plastic capacitors).  

Modern finishes in wenge or high-gloss piano black for absolute sense of luxury.

ROISTER Emphasis series loudspeakers have been established for years among the top choices in the market, thanks to their unbeatable combination of sonic performance and affordable price. The third generation of Emphasis loudspeakers sets new standards once more with radically new design and construction.  
The new woofers offer a unique blend of power and speed and the metal alloy dome tweeters reproduce every micro-detail of the music program with astonishing clarity.

New cabinets with top-notch build quality and finish offer exceptional rigidity and contribute to the clarity and naturalness of the new Emphasis sound. Their slim and slender form and curved sides, offer unique finesse and modern looks. With a modern ''wenge'' finish, they can easily blend with any decoration and with a high-gloss ''piano black'' finish they offer a sense of luxury, unprecedented for their price category.

The new crossovers, all first-order designs, are meticulously ''voiced'' and built with top-quality components. Their sound has unsurpassed naturalness and musicality, turning listening to Emphasis speakers into un unforgettable experience!
Moreover, the new Emphasis speakers set new standards of user friendliness. Thanks to their easy load (6-8 Ohm) and high sensitivity (over 90 dB/Wm), the Emphasis speakers can match perfectly with every amplifier. Their special design allows them to unfold their sonic virtues in even the most difficult listening rooms.
  The new Emphasis represent the embodiment of the 30-year long ROISTER know-how. Like a rare wine, maturing with time, they invite you to feast with their sound!

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